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If you need a piped system to transport fluid, you have come to the right place.

jClem Consulting is an engineering consultancy that specialises in computer modelling, simulation and design of fluid transport systems.
Hydraulic design and transient analysis of systems is our strength. 
Our experience covers treament plant process loops, cross-country pipelines, and utilities serving whole cities. 
Our services are used for potable water, wastewater, process water, cooling systems, fire protection and agriculture.

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Clients typically engage us to help them create one of the following:

  • the business case and size of
    a capital project or program;
  • a project's hydraulic design;
  • surge protection for a project;
  • functional control for a system's hydraulic operation.

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Clients continually look to improve operational efficiency.  Simulating hydraulic systems, often requires us to build a data model of a big part of a client's business.  This experience means we are well placed to provide consulting advice on:

  • optimising operations;
  • identifying inefficent data processes;
  • improving data integrity and integration of information systems,

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The aim is to pass our hydraulic design and operational experience on to the "new kids on the block" in clients' teams.  We regularly do this by:

  • providing peer review and technical mentoring on projects;
  • delivering training courses in a client's office.

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real-time hydraulic operation steady-state hydraulic design Network-fire flow capacity Transient surge protection Network water quality GIS and CAD data exchange

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About Us

head and sholuders photoChris Vigus brings in depth experience in most aspects of water industry engineering, project management and development of technical software.

jClem Consulting works with highly experienced associates to bring the right skills and value to clients' projects.



Real-time simulation of fluid systems.


Analysis of fluid system transients.


1 Strong design experience.  Why design system improvements for the first time with new recruits?  We have usually done it before at small and big scales.

2 Our operational experience is strong enough to trouble-shoot commissioning problems that others may struggled with.

3 Sometimes fiddling with computers and numbers is not enough.  We provide monitoring / data logging equipment and services when fact is better than hypothesis.