Our Water Systems Engineering Services

computer modelling

map of urban water reticulation

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Delivery of capital works programs, engineering designs, and operating strategies depend on timely access to up-to-date computer models of:

  • pipelines;
  • process loops; or
  • distribution networks.
hydraulic design

graph of parallel pump curves versus system curves

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Hydraulic design, transient analysis and surge protection design for pressure-pipe systems of all scales:

  • irrigation;
  • mine pit dewatering; or
  • borefields;
  • cooling water; or
  • drinking water distribution.
functional control

functional control diagram

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Documenting automatic controls to ensure the system operates as intended when first commissioned by the process control engineers:

  • functional control diagrams; and
  • zone / sub-system control statements.

expansion planning

list of future capital works

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Analysing the ability of current infrastruction capacity to handle increased hydraulic load.

Planning future asset capacity and required commissioning dates.

peer review

pencil ticking a check-list

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Providing highly experienced engineers to review clients' hydraulic and transient (surge protection) designs.

On more complicated projects, the peer reviewer often becomes a mentor / "sounding board" for the client's team.


increasing performance chart

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Developing seasonal or annual operating strategies to satisfy required service levels / output targets at lowest cost.

Our experience includes:

  • linear pipelines, operating in multiple modes;
  • cities with many diverse water sources and operating modes.


trainer at white-board

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Delivering the following courses:

  • Transient analysis
  • Modelling drinking water systems
  • The principles of drinking water safety
virtual site TOURS

database relationships diagram

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Immersive "as-built" photography allowing remote viewing and interaction with utility infrastructure.

referral manager

map of urban development

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Enabling small and medium-sized owners (of utility assets) to automate and manage their response to "dial before you dig" enquiries.

data integration

database relationships diagram

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Identifying effective and productive ways for clients to integrate various business information systems:

  • costing & cost estimating;
  • GIS / CAD / asset mapping; and
  • system simulation, design and operation
change management

jumping off a high diving board

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Managing substantial improvements throughout an entire business, as a positive experience for all involved.

Guiding project teams and stakeholders to deliver:

  • new business processes;
  • awareness and education; and
  • the required business tools.
simulation software

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WATSYS and WATHAM software enable users to simulate pressurised pipe systems':

  • steady-state hydraulics;
  • real-time hydraulics;
  • real-time water quality;
  • network fire flow capacity; and
  • transient hydraulics.