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We develop software for the water industry and other utilities

Refer to our HCP SOFTWARE retail site for more detail.

Users of our software are engineering consultancies and service providers designing water supply, wastewater, fire protection or irrigation systems.

WATSYS logo image a blue shaded W WATSYS

Simulates real-time hydraulic or chemical concentration performance for any duration from 1 instant through to 10 weeks of operation. The resolution of real-time simulations is currently 1 minute. The next release will refine the resolution to 1 second to enable accurate simulation of packaged sewer pumps on individual properties.

WATHAM logo image a blue shaded W WATHAM

Simulates transient hydraulic performance (aka "water hammer") for any duration up to 1 hour of operation. The resolution of transient simulations can be as fine as 100 thousandth of a second.

Both products share the same database and user-inferface to provide a rich set of common features:

Data input/import
  • land contours
  • property location / cadastre
  • asset data
  • customer / demand location and type
Creative analysis
  • improvement options
  • demand scenarios
  • operation strategies
  • incident scenarios
  • functional control logic
  • fire fighting capacity
Output of proposals
  • future assets
  • GIS data updates
  • presentation summaries
    • graphs
    • GIS overlays
Transient analysis
  • safe pipe working pressure
  • unbalanced forces on junctions
Chemical distribution analysis
  • of conserved chemicals
  • of decaying chemicals