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We create software and well-trained engineers.

jClem Consulting specialises in computer software used in modelling, simulation and design of pressurised pipe systems transporting fluid.
We develop and provide user support for the WATHAM and WATSYS software retailed by HCP Software Pty Ltd.

map of town water reticulation pipes map of roads and property boundaries in town map of contours in hilly terrain pipe route long section pipe details added to long section start of the long section middel of the long section end of the long section


map of pipes 

We develop software to:

  • simulate pressurised piping sytems; and
  • help managers protect buried assets from accidental excavation.


chemical processing plant photograph 

We photograph sites and host interactive, 360 degree, panoramic tours.


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We host on-line training courses.

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Real-time simulation of fluid systems.

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Analysis of fluid system transients.

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