Mental Health Vision

We work within the following vision, mission and values statements.


A local population without stigma associated with mental illness.


To improve mental health literacy within the general population.


Do everything with integrity and treat everyone with respect.

 Course Feedback

  • Participant 1

    Great course, lots of helpful information. Thanks for your great knowledge.

    Participant 2

    Pauline is a very friendly and knowledgeable instructor, it was a pleasure to learn from her.

    Participant 3

    I felt confident Pauline could answer any questions asked and also keep the group on track.

  • Participant 4

    I think Pauline did a wonderful job at keeping everyone engaged but also staying on track with the course information. She was very approachable and made us all feel comfortable to ask any questions we might have. She was clear in her delivery and obviously has a lot of valuable knowledge and experience of the topic.

    Participant 5

    I felt confident Pauline could answer any questions asked and also keep the group on track.

  • Participant 6

    Pauline's wealth of knowledge came through. The role-play she did with the class was very insightful. Lots of content to cover but she managed to mix things up and get through it all.

    Participant 7

    Thanks for a great course.

  • Participant 8

    Pauline was an excellent instructor and very engaging in teaching the course.

    Participant 9

    Pauline was fantastic. She was engaging and spoke to the group in an interactive way rather than at us. She was personable and made me feel very comfortable to ask questions even though the topics at times where difficult. It was a very inclusive learning enviroment with different learning styles accounted for. I loved the interactive elements and that Pauline took the time to ensure everyone in the room had understood the content before moving on. It was a great group experience, I honestly couldn't speak higher of Pauline and can't wait to attend another training of hers.

  • Participant 10

    Pauline was an excellent facilitator, she gave great examples, and was compassionate and knowledgeable about the topics presented.

    Participant 11

    The benefit I received by completing this course is invaluable to my work.

  • Participant 12

    Thank you Pauline, you made tough content easy to digest and understand and left me feeling more confident.

    Participant 13

    I was really impressed with how passionate and supportive Pauline is about the topics of discussion. She did a great job at delivering this course.