Software Development Vision

We work within the following vision, mission and values statements.


Fluid transport systems supported by excellent engineering.


Making complicated fluid transport systems simple.


Do everything with integrity and treat everyone with respect.

About Us

Max Olde photoMax Olde, founding author of WATSYS and WATHAM, pioneered simulation of water networks and surge analysis in Australia.  Max is a civil engineer with a background in water networks gained at Sydney Water.

Chris Vigus photoChris Vigus, civil engineer, has extensive experience in the planning, simulation and operation of water supply systems gained in Western Australian water corporations and as an engineering consultant.


We develop robust engineering / simulation tools that:

1 Proven on a range of engineering projects
(from simple to very complex).

2 Provide engineering reality to pump stations and control-valve sites not available in some other tools.

3 Support on-site commissioning as portable, Windows desktop applications.

4 Use web approaches such as Amazon Web Services when suitable.